Materials IPS e.max Press
Lithium disilicate
Indication Veneers 2), partial crowns 2), anterior + posterior crowns, 3-unit bridges up to the 2nd premolar.
Cementation method adheisive self-adheisive */ conventional
Etching 20sec with IPD Ceramic Etching Gel
Conditioning / Silanization 60sec with Monobond-S -1)
Cementation system Variolink® Veneer
Variolink® II
Multiling® Automix
Vivaglass® CEM

Basic Rules

  • Circular shoulder preparation with rounded inner edges or chamfer with a width of approx 1mm
  • No feather edges
  • Avoid sharp edges and angles
  • Adhesive cementation protocols allow conservative cavity preparation
  • Make sure to observe minimum layer thicknesses (stability of the restoration)